A Implantação de Instalações de TIC no Ensino e Aprendizagem no Ensino Superior: Um Estudo de Método Misto de Seu Impacto Sobre Professores e Alunos

Nafisat Afolake Adedokun-Shittu, Ismail Sheikh Ahmad, Joharry Othman, Tunku Badariah Tunku Ahmad


This study employed mixed method consisting qualitative and quantitative procedures to examine

the impact of ICT in teaching and learning at a University in Nigeria. The survey data were drawn

from 593 respondents (students and lecturers) and was analyzed using linear regression. For the qualitative

part, one-on-one and focus group interviews were conducted among 7students and 8lecturers to seek

their varying opinion on ICT impact on teaching and learning. Lecture-room observations were conducted

across 3classes to see how ICT is integrated. These multiple means findings were triangulated, compared

and contrasted to validate the study. Predictors of ICT impact were found to be perception, integration,

motivation and challenges. The qualitative interview and observation findings generated 4 similar themes

as the quantitative result which was conceptualized as a model that serves as a framework for researchers

on impact assessment.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13037/ria.vol8n1.1899

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