Eles Mudaram? Cinco Anos de Pesquisa Sobre Acadêmicos da Geração Net

Martin Ebner, Walther Nagler, Martin Schön


At Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) a questionnaire amongst freshmen is carried outeach year since 2007. Aim of this poll is to check IT and Web 2.0 competences and skills of the newstudents coming to TU Graz in order to adapt the e-learning services for their study at TU Graz. Furthermorethe results mirror current trends and changing behaviors of young people said to be the net-generationoften postulated to which we and our teachers will face to. After five years of investigations time hascome to take a look back and reel up processes and progresses not only because five years match thestandard duration of a study at TU Graz. Which trends have been established, which assumptions did notarrive, what happened totally unexpected? This paper targets the main changes within the last five yearsdue to this subject. It compares the five study years and outlines the current study results of 2011 in. Oneof the main results over five years is that the net-generation did arrive but slowly adapt their study life towhat they are already used to do in private.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13037/ria.vol8n1.1901

Revista de Informática Aplicada - USCS/UFABC


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