Tecnologia: a Ponte para Leitura de Sucesso


  • Kaye Lowe University of Canberra Australia
  • Ryan Spencer University of Canberra




U-Can Read: Literacy Intervention Years 3-10 (UCR) is a parent education program that supportsadolescent, struggling readers. Results achieved at UCR, highlight the critical role that technology playsin engaging students in literacy learning and supporting their reading success. Too often reluctant,adolescent readers have spent years in classrooms being lost and frustrated; their enjoyment of readingdiminished. According to Long, MacBlain, & MacBlain, (2007), it is not uncommon for students to respondto this frustration with inappropriate outbursts or passive disengagement. Whether they actively avoidlearning or shut down completely, research shows that the achievement gap continues to widen (FISHER &FREY, 2007). This paper documents case studies of two reluctant and disengaged students and howtechnology served to motivate their pursuit of literacy learning. The technologies included Kindle ebookreaders, iPad devices, iPods and interactive websites. These case studies give best practice examplesthat can be implemented in all classrooms to motivate students to read.


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Biografia do Autor

Kaye Lowe, University of Canberra Australia

Associate Professor, Director, U-CAN READ: Literacy Intervention Years 3 – 10 University of Canberra Australia

Ryan Spencer, University of Canberra

Literacy Advisor, U-CAN READ: Literacy Intervention Years 3 – 10 University of Canberra






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