Site para App: Aprendizagem em Seu Bolso

Scott Heath, Daniel Ambruso


In addition to new structures and elements within web pages, HTML5 offers the potential tocreate free-standing apps that run on smart phones or tablets (iPod, iPhone, Android devices). InstructionalDesigners are always challenged to find ways to engage learners in their chosen domain. The mobile webis one path that HTML5 is opening to non-technical individuals. Using only the skills needed to create awebsite, educators can now create web pages with enhanced interactivity, personalization, and convenience,which can also be made into apps (portable programs) that run on a learner’s smart phone or tablet. Ahypertext presentation of clinical case-based scenarios serves as the example web-based instructionalsimulation for this exploration of the new HTML5 features and the potential for the mobile web in education.

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