Assessing the Professional Growth of Post Secondary Students Studying the Education Applications of Emergent Technologies

Rick Mrazek, Doug Orr


The “Level of Use of an Innovation” (LoU) and “Stages of Concern” (SoC) assessments are key components of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM). These tools can provide a clear articulation and characterization of the level of adoption of an organizational innovation in educational technology. An adaptation of the LoU was used to assess changes in understanding of and competence with educational technologies by participants in a graduate level course focused on the use of emergent technologies in professional development. The instrument reflected the criteria framework of the original LoU assessment tool, but was adapted to utilize a specifically structured self report scale of the “level of use” index to promote collaborative self-reflection. Growth in knowledge of, and confidence with, specific emergent technologies is clearly indicated by the results, thus supporting the use of collaborative reflection and assessment of the professional development process to foster professional growth.


Professional Development; Collaborative Self-Reflection; Emergent Technologies

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