Gauging faculty attitudes toward online and hybrid learning

Jim Humphries


The MacEwan School of Business in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has been offering online courses since 1995. Administration was interested in how faculty perceived online and hybrid learning. In November of 2007, a survey was sent to 225 full time and part time faculty members. Of the 225 faculty members, 79, or 35%, responded to the survey. The survey asked respondent opinions on the value and legitimacy of online credentials; how they would rate their course management system; and what needed to be changed in order to make online or hybrid learning more effective. Two focus groups were also held. Emerging themes from both the survey and the focus groups included the need for faculty support and training in best practices in online learning; and the need for consistency and fairness in remuneration of faculty.


Legitimacy of Online Credentials; Effectiveness of Online or Hybrid Learning; Support and Training

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