Urban Mobility Challenges – An Exploratory Analysis of Public Transportation Data in Curitiba

Juan Jose Rodriguez Vila, Nádia Puchalski Kozievitch, Tatiana M. C. Gadda, Keiko Fonseca, Marcelo O Rosa, Luiz C. Gomes-jr, Monika Akbar


Smart transportation systems have been generating a large amount of data overtime (bus routes, users data, bus schedules, etc.). Such data provide a number of opportunities to identify various facets of user behavior, transportation needs, and traffic trends. In this paper we address some of the urban mobility challenges (addressed by the Brazilian Computer Society), from a number of different perspectives, including (i) pattern discovery, (ii) statistical analysis, (iii) data integration, and (iv) open and connected data. In particular, we present an exploratory data analysis with GIS for public transportation toward a case study in Curitiba, Brazil, using different data sources.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13037/ria.vol12n1.145

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