Explorando Consciência Pré-serviço de Professores Sobre Uso de Redes Sociais: Eles Estão Prontos para a Cidadania Digital?

Praweenya Suwannatthachote


Undergraduate students have been widely-adopted Social Networking Sites (SNSs) such asFacebook. Some issues were discussed among users concerning the users’ netiquette. For users likepre-service teachers who may or may not use SNSs for their communication tools in near future, however,there is a need for teacher education institutes to prepare their digital citizenship. This study examinedthree hundred and seventy seven pre-service teachers of the awareness of SNSs communication behaviors.Quantitative data indicated that the number of network friends was the most significant factors effects toSNSs communication behaviors and awareness. Qualitative data from the open-ended question revealedthe need to revise the ED-TECH course for pre-service teachers to have more deep understanding ondigital citizenship.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13037/ria.vol8n1.1906

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