The Influence of Flaxseed on the body weight of Wistar Ovarioctomized Rats

Thais Rezende Bessa Guerra


Objectives: To evaluate the influence of flaxseed for a long period of time and its hormonal effects of weight loss in castrated rats. Methods: We used 21 Wistar rats that underwent bilateral oophorectomy for induction of menopause, randomly divided into three groups: control group (CG) (n = 7), which received a diet based on casein 10 percent; flaxseed group, that received a diet based on casein plus 25 percent of flaxseed (FG) (n = 7); and modified control group, that received a diet based on modified casein 10 percent and with addition of lipid and fibers (CGM) (n = 7). All diets were prepared according to the recommendations of the AIN 93, the animals were kept under controlled temperature (22ºC ±2ºC) and adequate lighting (light/dark cycle of 12 to 12 hours). The animals received food and water (adlibitum). The rats were anesthetized with Thiopentax® for blood collection by cardiac puncture for the determination of 17b-estradiol and collection of tissues (liver, bladder and uterus).



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